DEPARTMENT 1 : Reference systems and Geodynamics

The mission of ROB’s Department on Space Geodesy and Geodynamics is to maintain exact national references for time, positioning and gravity, and to integrate them in internationally accepted global reference systems. The Earth is not a solid body, but it is composed of several parts which are solid, liquid or gaseous and which are influenced by internal (for example the dissipation of energy from inside the Earth) and external forces (like the gravitational attraction of the Sun and the Moon). These lead to permanent changes of the references on the Earths surface. The observation and quantification of these changes as well as the study of their (geo)dynamical origin is the main activity of this department. With these activities it contributes to the study of the mean sea level, earth quakes, tides and precise positioning.

Head of department:

VĂ©ronique Dehant

This department is composed of three sections:

  • Section 1 : Time, Earth rotation and Space geodesy

  • Section 2 : Seismology

  • Section 3 : Earth tides en Gravimetry

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