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GOP's consolidated multi-GNSS navigation data archive

Title: GOP's consolidated multi-GNSS navigation data archive
Authors: J. Dousa
Agency: Geodetic Observatory Pecny (GOP), RIGTC
Published: 2019
Publisher: Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)
Description: Globally consolidated multi-GNSS navigation files generated by Geodetic Observatory Pecny (GOP) of the Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography (RIGTC) in suport for operational GNSS data quality control, signal-in-space error monitoring and data processing.
Date Range: 01/1994 - open
Spatial Coverage: Global scope
Data Citation: Dousa J.(2019): GOP's consolidated multi-GNSS navigation data archive. Available from Royal Observatory of Belgium. doi: 10.24414/c4ba-kf16
Resource Type: Dataset (Results of data consolidation and quality control on daily basis). Navigation data in RINEX format.
Data Availability: On line
Data Access: Starting directory is at ROB:, or at GOP:, when appending WWWW/BRDC00GOP_R_YYYYDOY0000_01D_MN.rnx.gz, with WWWW = GPS week, YYYY = Year, DOY = day of year
License: CC BY 4.0,

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