The exhibition Science & Culture at the Royal Palace 2020 goes virtual

The exhibition Science & Culture at the Royal Palace 2020 goes virtual

The 2020 edition of Science & Culture at the Royal Palace will not take place in situ. The Federal Science Policy invites you to an original virtual tour, revisited and adapted to the particular circumstances.

This year, the visit will take place virtually from 20 July 2020 and the theme of the exhibition will be “Birth”. To visit the virtual exhibition, go to (accessible from of July 20, 2020).

The unexpected has come to interrupt everyone’s working dynamics. However, we would like the general public to benefit from all the preparations that have already been made. Our objective is to ensure the continuity of an already well-established tradition.

The Federal Scientific Establishments, including the Royal Observatory of Belgium, offer you a virtual itinerary based on their selection of works of art, objects, specimens or films on the theme of Birth. They are joined by SCIENSANO, CINEMATEK, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and the coordination unit of the BCCM Consortium (Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms) of BELSPO.

We hope that the “Birth” exhibition can one day take place at the Royal Palace in the coming years and that it will again be part of the Science & Culture cycle at the Royal Palace.

“Birth” is a fabulous thematic framework opening up a meandering exploration of the Federal Scientific Establishments. Among works of art, specimens or natural phenomena, scientific research subjects, archival documents or photos, etc., selection is a real dilemma. The result brings to light some thirty objects, works of art or films related to the Birth, sometimes presenting subtle correspondences that play on the cross-disciplinary nature of the materials.

The question of birth and its origins, in the broadest sense of the term, is a recurring theme among many researchers, some of whom come from very different fields: astrophysicists, historians, archaeologists, biologists, doctors, geologists, palaeoanthropologists, etc. In their respective fields, each of them is concerned with the problem of birth from a particular angle: How were the Universe, Heaven and Earth born? How do living beings come to life? How does a natural phenomenon begin? What are the cultural practices linked to birth and how can we understand them? Why keeping records of birth? Etc.
The virtual journey is organized into open sub-themes, giving free rein to cross-correspondences and the birth of new associated thematic perspectives.

  • Birth of the Universe;
  • Birth of a natural phenomena;
  • Birth in the realm of the living;
  • Birth for the human being: Celebrations & rituals – Mother, foetus and newborn – Objects around birth – Birth documents and memories – Birth of knowledge;
  • The creative moment in art: birth form or birth of forms;
  • Birth of a scientific project;
  • Birth of a scientific collection.

Have a nice (virtual) visit!

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