Strong Solar X1.1 Flare on 19 October 2014

Strong Solar X1.1 Flare on 19 October 2014

This morning, at 05:03UT, The Sun produced a strong solar flare. Based on the curretnly available data, the consequences remain limited for Belgium. Updates (in English) are available at the website of the SIDC.

The source of the eruption is NOAA 2192, a big and complex sunspot group sunspot group near the southeast border of the Sun.
Above Belgium, no disturbance of the HF radio-communication was observed.
For the moment, the number of high-energetic particles has not increase and remains stable.

There are no images yet from a coronal mass ejection, but such an ejection is probable.
Hence, in view of the position of the solar flare, there is a possibility that Earth will receive a glancing blow of the particle cloud within the next few days.

Over the next few days, more of this kind of solar eruptions (X-class events) are expected, with any associated plasma clouds better directed to Earth.

Updates October 20: Coronagraphic images do not show any coronal mass ejection associated to this solar flare.