9 and 10 September 2023 – Open Doors at the Humain Radio Astronomy Station

9 and 10 September 2023 – Open Doors at the Humain Radio Astronomy Station

Mark your calendars: the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September 2023! Join us at the Radio Astronomy Station of Humain, in Wallonia, to celebrate Belgium’s rich and diverse heritage.

[Update 6 September 2023] Access map and activities map added.

This station was founded in 1953 by the Royal Observatory of Belgium to house the very first Belgian radio telescopes dedicated to observing the Sun. In the 1960s, a solar interferometer of 44 radio telescopes was constructed and operated up until 2001. Today, the station continues to host radio and optical experiments to observe the sky, the Sun, the Earth’s space environment and its atmosphere.

This is the first time this station will open its doors to the public, where you will be able to stroll along the two north-south and east-west axes of the old interferometer, see the old control laboratory of the interferometer, discover the history, of the site and its observations and know everything about the current scientific activities. In addition, with the permission of the SONUMA, we will display on site a video from their archives.

There are also activities for children. Bring your family, friends, and neighbours, to embark on a captivating cosmic adventure!

Dates: 9th-10th September 2023 during the Heritage days
Time: 10h -18h
Location: Rue de l’Observatoire, 6900 Marche en Famenne.
Foodtrucks will be present on site.
Free entrance. No booking required.

How to reach the station

The address of the station is : Rue de l’Observatoire, 6900 Marche en Famenne
The attached map shows the surrounding of the station.

By car

Please note that Rue de l’Observatoire (in red) is closed to traffic except emergency access. From Marche and Marloie, signposts will guide you towards the station.

Parking is only available on rue Louis Banneux (in blue), which is also closed to traffic and reserved for this use. This is a one-way car park with exit at the station entrance. There is an entrance on the Rochefort side (entrance 1), and one in the middle, coming from rue du Gerny. It will be signposted. Rue du Gerny will allow you to return to Humain, Marche, Marloie or Rochefort.

From the parking, cross the Rue du Gerny to enter the station (see map)

By public transportation and bike

The nearest train station is in Marloie. From there it is possible to reach the station, taking into account the closed roads.
Bikes are welcome on the site of the station (watch out for the pedestrians). You can let you bike on the grass near the entrance, but there is no surveillance nor possibility of attaching them on a rack.

Activity map




SONUMA_RGB_300In partnership with the SONUMA for historical video archives.